Running a successful equity crowdfunding campaign or security token offering is not easy. There are many moving parts, and making sure these pieces of the puzzle all work together smoothly requires the expertise of someone who has been there before. While you run your business, let Kendall and his team run your equity crowdfunding or security token offering as your "quarterback."


•Creating the comprehensive marketing plan and overseeing the marketing process   •Working with your social media team or outside firm to implement social media marketing strategy •Coordinating efforts with the funding platform or portal •Acting as a liaison to any broker-dealers or other financial professionals involved •Working with your digital marketing team or outside firm to develop engaging content as part of the overall marketing plan •Assisting you securities counsel on non-legal matters •Working with your graphics team •Assisting with due diligence when necessary •Working with your e-mail marketing team •Working with your video team or outside firm •Working with your public relations team or outside firm to maximize media coverage •Working with influencers and influencer marketing team or outside firm •Assisting with pre-launch lead generation when applicable •Coordinating efforts with your web designers for any necessary web development on your company site •Launch preparation and execution •Post-launch questions and investor feedback •Additional services on a company by company basis.


BrewDog USA Inc.'s First Regulation A+ Offering

BrewDog USA Inc.'s First Regulation A+ Offering

Kendall and his team assisted BrewDog USA Inc. in their first +, which raised more than $1,000,000 within 72 hours of its launch, and which ultimately raised more than $7,000,000 from more than 8,000 investors. BrewDog USA, Inc., and their parent company BrewDog plc, have combined raised more than $70,000,000 worldwide from more than 79,000 investors, both considered by most as the world records in both categories for equity crowdfunding. BrewDog plc is also a poster child for equity crowdfunding investors, as a recent $264,000,000 private equity investment brought their company valuation to more than $1,2 Billion, and gave early crowdfunding investors a 2,765% return on their initial equity crowdfunding investment. Read more here.